ACM’s 2020 Points of Focus

Taken from December 2019 Newsletter: 2019 review: 2019 was a record year for global markets.  After narrowly avoiding bear market territory in the S&P, global markets staged a dramatic rebound in the beginning of the year shrugging off any concerns that had led to the market sell off and propelling indices to record highs.  Markets […]

Is This How It Ends? Corona Virus Edition

Corona Virus

After updating friends and family (and investors too) regarding performance and views regarding the Corona Virus at the end of February, we have been fielding a consistent stream of emails and phone calls regarding market volatility.  We thought it would be prudent to put our thoughts down on metaphorical paper and return to publishing on our website during these very unique times.

ACM Outlook 2019

2019 will be a transitional year. Underlying fundamentals will continue to drive global growth, albeit at a slower pace, with valuations reflecting this adjustment in reality. We do not predict a recession, but a return to sanity as growth comes at a cost as we depart from the historic decade of nil level interest rates. Markets will become increasingly volatile in the mid term as it adjusts to the new equilibriums. There are several points we want to draw attention to in the coming year that will contribute to market movement:

ACM Market View, 7-2-2018

With the first day of the second half 2018 off to a rocky start we wanted to highlight a few key areas that we think investors should focus: Tariffs:  Although this has been the highlight of markets as of late, our focus is to look to who ultimately benefits and who ultimately suffers in the […]

Softbank Considers Telecom Spin-Off

Softbank is considering spinning out its telecom assets in a USD 18 bn IPO raise according to the Nikkei newspaper without citing sources.  The Softbank Group (9984 JP) would be selling up to 30% of Softbank Corp, its telecommunications arm in the IPO.  This would leave Softbank Group to focus on its technology investments, leaving […]

Toshiba Agrees to Sell to SK Hynix/Bain Capital

In an 11th hour turnaround, Toshiba agreed to sell its semiconductor unit to consortium led by SK Hynix and Bain Capital for USD 18 billion instead of Western Digital, which had been said to be the front runner less than a day before the announcement.  The change came as a surprise to the market as […]

Softbank Positive on Potential T-Mobile – Sprint Deal

Softbank’s CEO Masayoshi Son is hopeful for a revitalization of the T-Mobile – Sprint merger following a tentative agreement with T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telecom.  The two entities were originally slated to merge in 2014, but were blocked regulators. Son is counting on support from the new Trump administration and its appointed regulators.  Following the […]

Toshiba Back with Western Digital

In another turn in the ongoing saga, it is being reported that Toshiba’s board has shifted back to Western Digital as the potential acquirer of their semiconductor unit, according to people familiar with the deal.  This is days after the firm stated that they were siding with a bid that including South Korean chipmaker SK […]

Disney Plans Streaming Service; Plans to Leave Netflix 2019

Disney has begun to move towards its own separate streaming service by announcing the formal split with its content and Netflix beginning in 2019.  Currently their are two planned streaming services, one to offer a similar service to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video which will group Disney’s own film collection including its Marvel and Lucasfilm […]

Sarepta Shares Rise After New Drug Results

Share prices rose in Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT US) following release of positive clinical trial data for a drug combating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  Preliminary results were better than indicated and could potentially treat 8% of patients suffering from the disease, although physicians still remained skeptical.  This opens the door for a second potential drug in […]